Unplanned and Planned Events

Keeping you informed

Our DigDat Retailer Notification System (RNS) will keep you informed of planned and unplanned events. We will phone you (if you want us to) when there is an unplanned event affecting your customer and you will receive an email notification.  

Current events and incidents

By using your RNS system log in you can follow all events online.

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24 hour Contact arrangements

Unless otherwise agreed with a customers Retailer we will engage directly with any non-household customer when an unplanned incident impacts their water supply and inform the Retailer on the same day of the contact we have had with its non-household customer. Any contact with customers out of hours will be notified to the Retailer on the next business day.

Where we require support with communications from the Retailer, DCWW will contact the Retailer by following the agreed 24 hour on-call contact arrangements.

All eligible Hospital and Prison sites within our area are classed as Sensitive Customers and DCWW has emergency plans in place to ensure continued supply to these customers.