About us

Welsh Water is the sixth largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales.

Responsible for providing over three million people with a continuous, high quality supply of drinking water and for taking away, treating and properly disposing of the wastewater that is produced, we are fully committed to delivering best quality service at least possible cost.

Since 2001, we have been owned, financed and managed by Glas Cymru. Unique in the water and sewerage sector, Glas Cymru is a company limited by guarantee and as such has no shareholders.

Welsh water is a not-for-profit company.

From 1 April 2017, all non-household customers of water and sewerage services served by suppliers based wholly or mainly in England have been able to choose their Retailer (i.e. the previous water supply threshold of 5ML/per annum was removed).  The Welsh government decided that there would be no change to the Retail market in areas supplied by water and sewerage companies based wholly or mainly in Wales, and so the competitive retail business market in Wales remains limited to the supply of water services to business customer sites using more than 50ML of water per annum. A water supply and/or sewerage licence (WSSL) limited to self-supply is not available to provide services to premises supplied using the supply system of an appointed company whose area of appointment is wholly or mainly in Wales.

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About Us