Charges and billing

To calculate the cost of supplying services to a potential customer within the Welsh Water supply area, see our published charges for our wholesale services.

The Wholesale Charging Rules require each undertaker considering significant changes to its Primary Charges, to publish information informing stakeholders of the scope of its proposed changes no later than six months before publishing its final charges.

In accordance with information requirement A2 of Ofwat’s rules for wholesale charging:

  • We confirm that we anticipate increases of around 10% to wholesale water primary charges applicable to Eligible Sites for 2023/24, based on our current inflation forecast.
  • We are not proposing to change the structure of any of the primary charges applicable to Eligible Sites for 2023/24.

Charging and Billing Documents

Charges and Billing 2023/24

Charges and Billing 2022/23

Charges and Billing 2021/22

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Charges and Billing 2018/19

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